Lord, open my lips…

“It must be terribly difficult to establish rituals in your life. I know you don’t have an ‘average day,’ but what have you tried to ritualize in your work and home life?”

–Jonathan Safran Foer

Reading these words (above) has spurred me to write these words (below).

I’m new to the blogosphere… and I’ll admit I’m pretty dubious that it needs one more voice. Yet I’m nevertheless drawn here, as I want to consider and catalogue the ways my family is trying to ritualize our life. Some have worked. Some have failed. Most are still works in progress.

Is it indeed terribly difficult, as JSF muses, to establish rituals? Well… yes and no. This page will be my attempt to unpack that “yes” and “no” for myself and for anyone else who’s interested.

And so I guess to start off, I want to emphasize this isn’t about a new legalism or making up rules for the sake of having rules. Rather, my wife and I see value in the healthy routines that can bring some balance to the buzz of daily life. What grounds us? When we drift, what can re-ground us in the life the Lord has called us to? And most importantly, how can we help our two young sons ground their lives in the Way of Jesus?

Oftentimes it feels to us as if people are moving faster and faster but nobody’s really going anywhere (ourselves included). So we ask, what are some structures and rhythms that can help with this? How can we mark time better? How can we be more purposeful in the ways we approach our work and our rest? Or, to use some gardening imagery, what kinds of trellises will give our life’s roses the good and necessary support they need to grow stronger, to bloom brighter?

In these posts you’ll find reflections on my family’s way of life: daily prayer, Bible study, family communion, sabbath rest, community outreach, the Jewish festivals, the Christian seasons, etc.

We’re just one family and we’re modeling just one way of incorporating rituals into life together. Hence my title for this page: a liturgy of a life. Maybe the Lord has something different for your life. What’s your liturgy?

Whether you’re single, or married, or a young family, or an old family, I hope you’ll be encouraged to find freedom and growth in godly structures and healthy routines. God bless you, and thanks for joining us on this journey.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.”

–Thomas Merton